How to Reset Portal Login Password

How to Reset Portal Login Password


The Help Desk Portal is a platform implemented by Blue Bison to serve our clients better. It lends greater support to our clients who are able to access useful resources whenever needed. How convenient, right?
Authorized users who have forgotten their password but need access to Support Portal can use the Forgot Password feature to quickly reset their passwords. 

Follow the steps outlined in this article to use this feature.

Steps to Reset Support Portal Password

Employees can reset their passwords from the Support Portal Home Page by following the steps outlined here: 
Navigate to the Sign In Page and select the Reset link as shown below.

Once at the Forgot Password page, do the following:
  1. Enter Email Address used to sign up for the Support Portal
  2. Utilize the captcha by typing the letters or numbers shown in the field below. ***Note that this is case-sensitive.***
  3. Select the Submit button once satisfied with the inputs on the page.

The following message will appear on the screen in information submitted on the Forgot Password page is accepted:
Please check the message sent to your registered email and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Check inbox for email from with the following subject line:
Reset Password - Blue Bison Software
Once found, click the link in the email to be re-directed to Password Reset page where you can input  and confirm new password.

If you have questions about information presented in this article, feel free to submit a ticket or start a chat :)

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